Meet Our New Student Employee!

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At CBU I concentrated mostly on the social sciences. I came here and basically filled up my schedule with as many interesting course as I could. I really really enjoyed it. I love learning about social issues and just issues from a societal perspective in general. I think that the degree I got from CBU has really prepared me for life and it has taught me critical thinking. After graduating from CBU I went on to MSVU to study public relations. I am now in the second year of my program and got to come back to CBU for the summer to complete my co-op placement as the CBU Art Gallery's Education and Outreach Coordinator. I'm starting to put together art camps for Cape Breton's youth, seeking news coverage for the current art exhibition, and researching new ways to get the word out about the gallery in the community. I am absolutely loving my experience so far. It has given me a look into what my career will be, and it's great. -Jillian MacDonald, CBU Grad 2015, Bachelor of Arts with concentration in Sociology #MyCBUStory

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Doing Our Own Thing, a conversation with Amish Morrell

Here is a throwback to one of our past exhibitions!

Connexion Artist-Run Centre for Contemporary Art

Amish Morrell / /

EVENT: Sunday, August 23 @ 7PM

In the early 1970s, hundreds of people fled from major cities to rural parts of Atlantic Canada, heading “back-to-the-land” and forming a counterculture that was shaped by its isolated rural surroundings, as much as by global forces such as the sexual revolution and new communications technologies.

Join us Sunday, August 23 at 7 PM in Connexion ARC​’s main space, for a conversation with Amish Morrell, using artworks and documentary fragments to talk about recent local history.

The discussion will look at National Film Board photographer George Thomas’s images of back-to-the-land families, read from personal accounts of a free-school in Cape Breton which focused on sexual exploration and discovery as a way of overcoming social repression, discuss publications like the Whole Earth Catalog, Cape Breton’s Magazine, and Harrowsmith Magazine, and consider projects by contemporary artists such as Fenn Martin, Simon Brown…

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Event: Fractal Jewelry

Coming up this Friday, from 1-4 PM in the Gallery, is a fractal jewelry making event in collaboration with the Math Society and the Art Gallery Society. Below are some examples of the things we will be making at this event:

We want you! ☞

Have you started thinking about volunteer opportunities for the new year? The CBU Art Gallery offers a great opportunity for students to get involved with the arts here in Cape Breton!

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and helping with exhibitions and events are all things you could be doing to help out our local art gallery.

For more information on volunteering in the gallery contact John Mathews.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day off full of delicious food!

PSA: Holiday Hours

The CBU Art Gallery will be closed from the 24th of December to the 5th of January for the holiday season.

Here in the gallery we wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year!