Meet Our New Student Employee!

At CBU I concentrated mostly on the social sciences. I came here and basically filled up my schedule with as many interesting course as I could. I really really enjoyed it. I love learning about social issues and just issues from a societal perspective in general. I think that the degree I got from CBU has really prepared me for life and it has taught me critical thinking. After graduating from CBU I went on to MSVU to study public relations. I am now in the second year of my program and got to come back to CBU for the summer to complete my co-op placement as the CBU Art Gallery's Education and Outreach Coordinator. I'm starting to put together art camps for Cape Breton's youth, seeking news coverage for the current art exhibition, and researching new ways to get the word out about the gallery in the community. I am absolutely loving my experience so far. It has given me a look into what my career will be, and it's great. -Jillian MacDonald, CBU Grad 2015, Bachelor of Arts with concentration in Sociology #MyCBUStory

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Chris Reid’s Life

your life in 8 pics banner_edited-1YOUR LIFE IN 8 PICTURES is a bi-monthly roundup showcasing local creatives.  This is a place for people to share their story and work, in a unique way. They provide us with 8 pictures that sum up their life now as well as answer a few rarely asked questions for a less than standard bio. This months artist is Chris Reid.

Chris Reid is a Manitoba artist who lives in the downtown core of Brandon, Manitoba. She works full time for the regional health authority as the housing resource worker at 7th St. Health Access Centre. “It is about 6 blocks from my house. I also teach community classes at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. It is about 5 blocks from my house so I pass it on my way to work.”Other than art making, at work, Chris is trying to get a cold weather shelter going again this year. If you are looking for Chris’ work, you can find it on line at, in Brandon at her husband, Tony Reid’s store – The R-Studio and by asking at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

Chris currently has “different role models for different aspects of life – so there are a lot.  Artistically I like people who have been satisfied with making work and who do not seeming to need much outside affirmation or who work on the fringes. Employment wise I have had some co-workers that I think are pretty wonderful.”What really keeps her going in this career is the necessity of it. If she had to do it all over again though, she would have got a certificate in a trade or something that would bring in a stable income before devoting herself to the arts.

The one piece of advice that Chris Reid wishes someone would have told her growing up is to “Work at making things happen. Don’t be afraid to take chances.”

The proof draft copy

1. Milo in my studio. He is an old cat so he is easily manipulated for photographs.

2. Me in my studio.  The walls are blue because we haven’t painted them since we moved in.

3. My office at 7th St. Health Access Centre. I share this space with a quilt maker so I can only do so much to personalize it. Most of the stuff is mine simply because I am there more.

4. Jennifer Woodbury, Director; Natalia Lebedinskaia, Curator; and Kevin Conlin, Facility Manager at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba – They have been very supportive of my work and their work keeps visual arts alive in Brandon.

5. My husband, Tony, in  his store, the R-Studio. Mid-century teak, records and other funky stuff.

6. The abandoned gas station across the street from the R-Studio. The gas pump in the centre  of the image had the only really street art in Brandon pasted to it – one of those posters with the Andre the Giant image. Unfortunately its getting really faded.

7. The living room as seen from my studio. Sometimes Tony plays records in the living room while I work in the studio.

8. The back yard. I don’t know what to say about other than its nice when there aren’t too many mosquitoes.