Fixed Forever Reading List

book of the month banner

Every month we feature a book from our in gallery library. These books are available to visitors in the gallery. We have DVDs, Exhibition Catalogues, Biographies about artists, among other books. To view our entire catalog click the button in the side bar.

Do you want to learn more about the artworks and artists included in our photography exhibition Fixed Forever? We have pulled books from the CBU Library as well as our own in house Gallery Library in order to bring you a quality reading list that will supplement your visit to the CBUAG. See image for a list of titles.

reading list image (jpeg) copy

Top down: Aperture History of Photography: Robert Frank and Andre Kertesz; America & Lewis Hine: 1904-1940, Lewis Hine; 100 Ideas that changed Photography, Mary Marien; The Human Figure in Motion, B.L. Matherson; Alvin Langdon Coburn Photography: An Autobiography, Alvin Coburn; Hungarian Memories, Andre Kertesz; Robert Frank: New York to Nova Scotia, Steidl.


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